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Welcome to the Dusty Shelf

Welcome to The Dusty Shelf! The Dusty Shelf is an eZine for readers who have a passion and love for those books often left upon the dusty shelves, Classic literature. We invite you to read this month's articles and discuss them with us in our forums.

"In science, read by preference the newest works. In literature, read the oldest. The classics are always modern." - Lord Edward Lytton

A Note from the Publisher

I would like to thank Himadri Chatterjee for being so generous with his time and talent. I am very grateful for his work on the wonderful series "War and Peace". The Dusty Shelf would not be what it is today without the influence and unfailing support of Mr. Chatterjee.

Thank you, Himadri!

This Month's Feature Articles

The Great Sonneteer, Sir Philip Sidney
In a time when most poets were writing for publication, Sir Philip Sidney was writing for pleasure. Find what makes him one of Britian's best soneteers.

Samuel Taylor Coleridge: A poet, critic & philosopher
Traveling in the footsteps of the great British poet Coleridge, Cindy-Lou Dale brings us the colorful landscape of Exeter in Devon.

Elizabeth Barrett Browning: Great British Poetess
Bold and daring, Elizabeth Barrett Browning challenged the Victorian's world of sonnets.

Serve the Drama: Shakespeare's Poetry
An insightful article by Himadri Chaterjee about Shakespeare's often overlooked poetry: the poetry found in his plays.

Variety is the Spice of Life

Literary Landmarks of New York City, Part Two

A Lesson in Superficiality: Teaching the Great Gatsby in High School

Humor and Heartbreak: The Hysteria of Sylvia Plath

Literary Landmarks of New York City, Part Three


War and Peace, part IV